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Well, we’re winding down the House Of Madness Event, with the next issue we post being the very last.  It has been a wild ride, but the players decided that it was time to bring it to a close, so they brought the fight to Mother White Witch earlier than expected.  We’re in the midst of the final battle even as I type this.  Soon, all will be revealed, and the universe will never be the same.

With that, some elements of the Event got skipped, including an encounter that I was going to spring on them that isn’t in the Event Book.  Red Norvell had put Arach-Knight to the task of digging out a side chamber to the Spider’s Parlor for a kind of improvised Danger Room.  Unfortunately, that chamber was already occupied.

The above picture, which I came across accidentally (Ruben Martinez (RM73 on Deviantart)), inspired the Creep Cereal Critters datafiles that you are about to see.  It was exactly the kind of thing I loved inserting into House Of Madness – familiar, yet bizarre, and mildly horrific.

I’m sure that, with some tweaking, you can use them in your own games, even if not in tandem with House Of Madness, which Event Book I plan to release shortly after the final issue of our game is published.  So get your breakfast cereal puns ready; here they are.  Eat ’em up!



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