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Donnatello – Has A Way With Machines


“Donatello is the fellow has a way with machines.”


The tech and science wizard of the group, Donnie is far more adept in his lab than he is at dealing with people.  He’s not shy or reclusive; he just has bad social skills.  That doesn’t stop him from trying though, especially when it comes to trying to woo his beloved April O’Neil.

An inventor extraordinaire, and an expert scrounger, Donnie has, from piles of junk, created everything from grapple guns to a four-man giant robot turtle vehicle.  Some of his project take a long time to complete, but they almost always work well enough to be vital to the team’s fight against evil.

Almost always.


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3 comments on “Donnatello – Has A Way With Machines

  1. scholargipsy
    January 9, 2018

    These are great! Thanks for sharing them.

    Two questions/I-hope-non-obnoxious corrections:

    1. The Limit for Ninja Turtle Engineer makes reference to shutting down “Ninja Turtle Leader.” Shouldn’t that be “Ninja Turtle Engineer”?

    2. The SFX under Bōjutsu called System Shutdown looks like it should go under Ninja Turtle Engineer instead. Is that correct?

    I’d love to get an updated version of the character sheet, if you have the time. In any case, thank you again: I love the Turtles, and the Nickelodeon show is great fun. MHRP is a natural fit rules-wise for both.

    • jpjolin
      January 10, 2018

      I’m glad you’re enjoying them – you can thank my four-year-old son for watching them almost constantly on DVD and On Demand for the past six months. 🙂

      Ninja Turtle Engineer was correct – I created Leo’s Datafile first, and then created duplicate files for the other three based on the first, changing things as I wrote. That was an edit that I missed. Thanks for the catch.

      The System Shutdown was originally meant to reflect the effect of gear, but you are right, it makes more sense in his Engineer Power Set, so I moved it.

      Thanks for the feedback.

      • scholargipsy
        January 10, 2018

        Thank you for such a prompt response. (And for Raph, who also looks great.)

        I am feeling slightly guilty that I don’t have the excuse of a four-year-old son to explain my love of Nickelodeon’s “Turtles” show, but hey, the heart wants what it wants.

        Again, these are all terrific, and have me thinking about a campaign….

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