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A Bit More About Simplifying Online Gameplay

1-panelHere is a copy of the message I sent my players when it was time to simplify our game play:

We all love RPG. But, time is of the essence. I thought, how can we simplify the game even more? It helps that you all trust me with die rolls. I post the die rolls for people who care. Most don’t.

Now, I will make it even simpler.

Before we start a scene, I will hand out objectives to each player. Each objective will have an XP value. If the player makes the objective, they get the XP. This will replace milestones. A player can choose to share their objective or keep it secret. A player can also suggest their own objective. The Watcher will then assign an XP value to the objective.

“This simplified system works best when players trust the Watcher implicitly. My team is 28+ years strong. They know my die don’t lie.”

As for plot points, I will keep track of plot points and apply them as warranted to die rolls and such.

Here is the 3-step process to a scene now:

  • Watcher (me) posts current scene situation.
  • All players respond with their action. The action has to be limited to what can happen in 1 panel in a comic book. Examples given:onepanelposts
  • Watcher decides who goes first based on relevant powers like enhanced reflexes, senses or specialties. Other variables might decide who goes first.

After all the die rolls, Watcher will “refresh” the scene. If I need clarification on a player’s action, I will ask privately.

Happy gaming!


About Michael Dismuke

I am a freelance writer for Star Trek Adventures RPG and creator of Gamemasters Comics []. I currently am a writer for Continuing Missions, and if the universe goes right, the Fantastic Four movie reboot. (Last part's a joke, though, I wish it wasn't.)

2 comments on “A Bit More About Simplifying Online Gameplay

  1. oberon the fool
    February 24, 2017

    I mean, you do whatever works for your game, but it doesn’t sound like you’re actually playing MHR anymore. *shrug*

    • Michael Dismuke
      February 24, 2017

      Yeah. Since my players live all over the world, we play mostly on What’sApp. We had to make some changes to keep the rhythm in the game. But, I think a lot of RPG groups make homegrown rules to adapt to the needs of their players. I did, even way back with Marvel TSR.

      What about you? Have you made any homegrown rules for MHR? If so, what? I like to shop for the best ideas.

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