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House of Madness 1-1

House Of Madness #1

True Believers, Assemble!  Our fearsome heroes may have staved off tragedy at the Raft, but their adventures have only just begun.  Although they wish to call themselves Avengers, our heroes must first prove themselves to the city, to the current holders of that title, and to themselves.  And as a strange tide of insanity washes over the city, they that would be called the Fearsome Avengers have ample opportunity to earn that title.  So stand fast and read on, dear reader, as we continue the saga of the Fearsome Avengers!


House Of Madness is a home-brewed Event written for our bullpen play-by-email game.  Inspired by, but diverging wildly from, the Marvel Comics event House Of M, this Event will span three Acts and take our heroes on a roller-coaster ride of insanity.

The story you are about to read represents Act One, Part One.  You get to witness us play through the story, and revel as I, as the Watcher, botch the rules a few times.  We also struggled with efficient ways to keep track of things like XP and plot points, so I did a little after-the-fact editing to make things clean, and may have missed a few things in the edit.  We’ve learned from our mistakes, so in this future this should be less of a problem. Regardless, the story is always more important than the rules, and we feel that we’ve told quite a compelling story so far.  We hope you think so as well.

We’ll release more posts like this one as we progress through the Event.  Once we’ve concluded Act Three, I’ll post the entire Event Book, so that your game group can share in the joy and madness.

Until then, welcome to the mad house.



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