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Plot Points TV: PBEM Discussion

Howdy, True Believers!

It’s the next episode of Plot Points TV!

Years later!

Our Play-By-E-Mail Breakout Game has been pretty well received by you, our readers. So, our fearless Watcher (Jayson) decided to do a post-game discussion about it. We talked about the behind-the-scenes work that went into getting the game running, what worked and what didn’t work, and how we got into playing our characters. Get to know the faces behind the characters… punching the bad guys… in the faces!

Keep your eyes peeled for more PBEM material and future Plot Point content. (Just because we’re being quiet, doesn’t mean we’ve bailed. We have quite a bit of new material getting ready to come your way.)

Watch and enjoy!


About David W

I first sat around a table and rolled dice in 2008. I've been in love with role-playing games since then, especially those with a strong narrative focus built into the mechanics. You can find me on Facebook/Twitter @MrBananaSocks or at my blog Same Kind of Nerdy as Me. Be sure to also listen to my actual-play podcast Mistconceptions on iTunes and Soundcloud.

3 comments on “Plot Points TV: PBEM Discussion

  1. sbodmann
    January 20, 2016

    What was the initiative house rule that everyone liked?

    • David W
      January 31, 2016

      Before, we were following a very linear initiative. You go, then someone else goes, then they go, etc. But with PBEM, that was very slow because not everyone could reply in a timely manner or at all during a busy week. So, Jayson decided to incorporate a new rule where he framed the scene and then we, the players, had free reign to act all at once (in a sense). It sped up play and made things more interesting.

      • sbodmann
        March 7, 2016

        Thanks. I’ve tried that method before in PBP format and as Watcher, I found it made turns overwhelming. It would take hours to work through all the reaction rolls and narrative. Did you guys experience the same and did you find a way to overcome it?

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