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Fearsome Avengers: Morbius


Dr. Michael Morbius has…an addiction.  A deep, unrelenting need for human blood.  Although not a true vampire (his condition is the result of scientific mishap, not mystical curse), he suffers from both a vampire’s thirst and terrifying reputation.  Both have placed him on the wrong side of the law on multiple occasions, and currently he is a ‘guest’ at the Raft.  His lawyer, Matt Murdock, is working on Morbius’ case in hopes of securing a conditional release, but what then?  How will Morbius curb his need for human blood, and how can he earn the public’s trust?  And how does a living vampire resist the temptation for blood when the prison around him loses power, and the madness of escaping prisoners is bathed in the emergency  system’s blood-red light?

Milestones For This Event:  Monsteropolis, M.D. and Welcome To The Food Chain


Morbius On:

Crusader – “A religious madman, who sees everyone in terms of their level of sin and value to God — all determined by him, of course. Naturally, he hates me. I’ve decided to recite the Lord’s Prayer every now and then, just to confuse him. ‘Why is the vampire not self-immolating?!?’ And now that he’s bonded with the Carnage symbiote, his potential for bloodthirstiness makes me look like Count Chocula. WHY is he on the team?”

Cyclops – “I have great respect for the man and his tactical skills. And I actually owe him a favor. He subdued me during the early days of my condition, when my control was not as strong as it is now. He’s very cool under pressure — and with this team of madmen and misfits, he’ll need that quality. I sense that he’s dealing with inner demons, but who isn’t? Speaking of inner demons….”

Darkchild – “She’s a fascinating case. I’ve dealt with people like her in Monstropolis: beings who have dual natures, monstrous and human. What makes her unique is her upbringing, as if Dante Alighieri had reworked the classic story of the fey changeling. I believe I can help her — if she doesn’t fly into a rage and slice my head off.”

Hellcat – “Stephen Strange vouches for her, and — having worked with Daimon Hellstrom several times — I don’t envy her experiences in recent years. I can safely say, though, that for her to have endured what she has… well, she may be one of the strongest people I’ve ever met. She practically invites people to underestimate her. She amuses me.”

Arach-Knight – “A puzzle. He has the powers and abilities of Spider-Man, yet he seems to lack Spider-Man’s innate, almost noble optimism. There’s an anger inside him — understandably directed at me sometimes because of my history — and a need to prove his worth. I fear it will make him reckless.”

Nightcrawler – “Without the largesse of a man like Charles Xavier, Nightcrawler could have ended up in Monstropolis — or dead. While we have little in common, I’m glad that someone who looks like him has found acceptance within a larger community.”

Nova – “A boy playing with cosmic power. He’s seen little of death — at least on the streets — and his vision may be so fixated on the stars that the grim reality of Mother Earth may prove too much for him. For all my experiences, even my brief time in space, I’m not equipped to guide him. I just hope I can patch him up when reality asserts itself.”


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