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Hero Datafile: Frankenstein’s Monster

Made me from dead. I love dead… hate living.” –The Monster,
Bride of Frankenstein (1935)

In the Marvel Universe, Frankenstein’s Monster was much more than the tragic figure of Mary Shelley’s novel. He – and Dr. Frankenstein – actually lived in the late 1700s. The Monster lives today still, seemingly immortal despite being stitched together from the parts of cadavers, and only a few people know that one of fiction’s most famous monsters  lurks in the alleyways and dark forests of the world.

Frankenstein’s Monster has committed a number of vile crimes in his past — the result of a brain that doesn’t make it easier for him to cope with extreme anger. Because of his bizarre nature, alive but never born, he seems oddly sensitive to any “wrongness” in the natural order, a quality that came in handy during the Fear Itself event when Psycho-Man attempted to use the Man-Thing as a emotional bomb against the people of New York. It’s no surprise that the Monster has been linked to the Legion of Monsters from time to time, although he’s crossed paths with many superheroes, too, including Spider-Man, Iron Man, Daredevil, and the Hulk.

Ultimately, he means well, even if the end result doesn’t always bear that out. And that’s the biggest tragedy — or curse — of the Frankenstein Monster.

Frankenstein's Monster


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