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Fearsome Avengers – Arach-Knight


The Avenging Arach-Knight

Wait, you say. Arach-Knight? Who is this super hero? I don’t remember him from the comics! Where’s Spider-Man?

Well, dear reader, Arach-Knight is in fact a Marvel character. Sort of. He is, in fact, Gabriel Stacy, the son of Norman Osborn and Gwen Stacy, whom in the comics became the Grey Goblin.

But this, oh reader, is not Earth 616. This is a variant reality developed for our Plot Point game by our bloggers, Earth 141616, which split from the mainline Marvel universe just before the events of Breakout. In this reality, when Gabriel learned the truth of his parentage and the lies ‘Uncle Norman’ had been feeding him and his twin sister Sarah (see the higly-controvertial Amazing Spider-Man #509-514, Sins Past) he did not choose the path of the Goblin as his Earth 616 variant did.

Instead, wracked with guilt over a lifetime of plotting Spider-Man’s death and the near-loss of his sister as a result, as well as a newfound hatred of Norman Osborn, Gabriel vowed to atone for his sins past by rejecting the Goblin and embracing the Spider. He repurposed the goblin gear into a suit of spider-armor, redesigned the goblin formula to cure his rapid-aging and enhance his abilities without the maddening side-effects, and set out to do Peter Parker proud. Yet he’s not Peter, and his spider-hero is a much darker, grittier hero than Spidey ever was. You can read his new origin story by following the links below, told in Avenging Arach-Knight #1-4, collectively entitled the Hundred Acre Horror:

Milestones For This Event:  Criminals Will Tremble In Terror and Rounding Up The Fugitives


Arach-Knight On:

Cable – “He has a fearsome reputation as a strategist and warrior, but, as his disappearance at the Raft shows, he’s unreliable.”

Crusader – “The man’s a zealot, and emotionally unstable; his only use to me is in the furtherance of Dr. Porter’s research as it applies to mystically-activated RVE’s. I’ll keep a close eye on him to make sure he doesn’t go “questing” for innocent civilians; he’ll probably try to kill me once he finds out I’m an atheist.”

Cyclops – “Cyclops is a proven leader, but something about him seems off, like he’s just operating on autopilot. That, combined with the fact that he’s swapped his ‘X’ insignia for that of S.H.I.E.L.D., suggests a falling out with the X-Men. I’ll have to earn the man’s trust and see if I can help him get over that fallout; otherwise he might become emotionally compromised and make mistakes that threaten the group.”

Darkchild – “She’s a child in a woman’s body, albeit warped into a cliche’ demonic form, but then, given my own accelerated aging and total lacking of a childhood, I can’t presume that she will therefore be childish. However, she seems to have a cruel streak, which might be a problem.”

Hellcat – “Hellcat is a strong fighter but way too eager for a fight; reigning her in will be a priority if we want to end any confrontations peacefully.”

Morbius – “Maybe he’s a good man fighting an uncontrollable compulsion and maybe he’s a true villain; either way he’s not to be trusted on or off the battlefield. I’ll keep him under close scrutiny so that if he does ‘go off the wagon’ I can deal with him.”

Nightcrawler – “The man seems competent, if a little glib and chatty. He reminds me a little of Spider-Man, to be honest. Of all the current Avengers, he’s the only one I trust.”

Nova – “I really don’t have time to be some kid’s babysitter. Nova had better grow up and fast or he’s going to get himself, or someone else, hurt or killed.”


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6 comments on “Fearsome Avengers – Arach-Knight

  1. heathwilder
    September 30, 2015

    Great write up. I’m a little confused as to what his gear entails. Sfx mentions webs and boomerangs. One of the powers is weapons. Perhaps I missed something

    • jpjolin
      September 30, 2015

      Arach-Knight has two Power Sets to represent the two aspects of his abilities.

      His Taint Of The Goblin Power Set represents the enhanced abilities he has gained due to the Spider-Goblin formula and his own genetic lineage back to Norman Osborn.

      His Arachnid-Themed Gear Power Set represents both his armored suit (which gives him his durability, sensor suite, the ability to fly when his extra limbs are in wing mode, the shock gloves that are very little changed from the Green Goblin version, and his ability to cling to surfaces) and the gadgets he carries in his pouches, such as spider-rangs, gas grenades, smoke pellets, and anything else he might need in that adventure. The pouches replace the man-purse the Green Goblin carries.

      I didn’t want to split those two functions of Arachnid-Themed Gear into two distinct Power Sets, so Weapons represents most of the things in his pouches, and the Empty Pouches limit means that he either ran out of weapons to use or he doesn’t have the right item for the job.

      • heathwilder
        September 30, 2015

        Thanks for the explanation. Makes sense with that premise 🙂

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  3. oliver
    July 27, 2016

    i wanted to thank you for your writing of a revised marvel rpg, the marvel nth edition. the new universal table is inspired. also look forward to reading more about arach-knight’s adventures.

    • jpjolin
      July 27, 2016

      Thank you. The Nth Edition was a labor of love (and I have ideas for revisions to the character creation rules that, when I have a moment, I might actually finish). I hope you got some fun out of playing it.

      I’ve got another story for Arach-Knight in the works, but running the House Of Madness currently takes precedence. Thanks for your encouragement on both fronts.

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