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Hero Datafiles: Hobgoblin and Spider-Woman

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In the comics, these two Spider-Totems didn’t last long, but their stories were compelling and the possibility in their survival is pretty interesting. The first datafile answers the question of what would have happened if Peter Parker had lost himself in a rage and killed the Green Goblin after Gwen Stacey died. In his world, he abandoned the mantle of Spider-Man and instead became the Hobgoblin. How far will he go for redemption?


The second datafile answers the question of what might have happened in a world where Mary Jane was bitten by the spider. This Spider-Totem hails from the world depicted in the eXiles comics where her world was decimated by the Phalanx. The Avengers of her world were able to rally and drive back the techno-organic plague, but her story had a great deal still to be told. She’s already familiar with multi-versal travel so what might she do with the opportunity to travel to other worlds?


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