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Fear Itself: Act 2: Battle for Midgard, Part 3


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The last beacon of hope is the human resistance in front of the Tree of Life. The Serpent must be stopped here!

The Avengers stand fierce and fearless in front of the Serpent’s army and certain death. An army made out of several groups of patriots, leaded by Joseph Kelly and Duke Lee (from the Washington and Broxton resistance), are strongly supported by Steve Rogers and his fellow Avengers. The exact amount will vary based on the number of resources and unlockables unlocked, but also from the previous scenes outcomes. They will wait the fight in ROUGH TRENCHES with the TREE OF LIFE at their back. This is what the Serpent is after in order to either close the access from Asgard or invade it as his brother has shown weakness since his resurrection.

Once the Serpent’s forces show, it’s in plain that the scale is unbalanced and that Midgard’s faction is CLEARLY OVERPOWERED. Arriving on the battlefield, he starts a banter with few courageous heroes and then gives the sign that the battle for Midgard will start.

During the battle, the heroes will have to first deal with the mobs, but as soon as the situation seems to balance out, the Worthy and Skadi will come into play reverting the sorts of the battle in favor of the Serpent army again. The only thing that could save Earth is Asgard’s intervention.


The battle could be handled as a mass battle or a normal battle as usual.

If handled as a normal battle, have a group of heroes (maybe 2 plus a supporting character) to fight a mob of Robots or the Corrupted Asgardians. Once the mobs are brought down to 3 die of affiliation from the original 5, add one of the Worthy or Skadi to the scene with a D10 from the doom pool, or wait until the mob is gone to do it at no cost. Take into account that some players could have unlocked a mob of patriots or similar to help during the fight. Just describe the rest of the battle and abstract the fights around it.

 If you go for the mass battle, all the factions should be clearly defined. The whole of the Avengers should be balanced by the seven Worthy plus Skadi as we are assuming that two Avengers equal one worthy. The Serpent should have 2 mobs of corrupted Asgardians (5d8) and two mobs of robots (3d8 and 3d8), whilst the Avengers should have 2 mobs (one from Broxton 4d6 and one from Washington & Manhattan 4d6) plus any other that has been unlocked with XP. The eight Worthy will be attacking the patriot mob after the doom pool has grown by two dice to disperse them (split in four and four for each side of the battlefield), unless engaged directly by the heroes (this will mean that each worthy could be fought by one player plus one supporting character).

Spend a D6 to add an affiliation die to the Robot mob or the Corrupted Asgardians, until destroyed. Once dispersed you will need a D8 to introduce another 3d8 Mob of any type (use only in case of clear supremacy of the heroes, but shouldn’t be needed).

Whichever is the type of battle you are going for, if the doom pool raises by three dice the Serpent might decide to add a scene complication RAGNAROK TEMPEST to impair the Midgardians even more, and from then onwards will Grandstand if needed.

The battle ends when the players have either beaten the Worthy or they have been beaten, regardless of the state of the mobs.


Screen Shot 2015-03-09 at 10.09.42 AMNotwithstanding the incredible efforts of Midgard’s inhabitants, the battle is utterly unfair, but the arrival of Iron Man and his Asgardian friends, with the Odinforce Weapons is a ray of light that breaks the night.

Through the tree of life portal the Asgardians Champions and Iron Man makes their way onto the battlefield, pushing considerably back the Serpent’s army. While the Asgardians are giving Iron Man a bit of time, Tony introduces the weapons to his fellow Avengers.

In the little time the Asgardians are buying them, Avengers have time to breathe, again reducing their levels of stress as per normal for a transition scene. They can also decide to attempt one recovery roll or for an asset, or to activate a resource as an extra bonus. Most importantly though, they have the extra time to unlock the magnificent ODINFORCE IMBUED WEAPONS that Iron Man has
created and Odin has enchanted. Tony comes back with weapons for everyone,
apart that for Steve because he wasn’t aware that the shield
had broken.

In the midst of the battle, someone who could be deemed as Worthy could also find on the battlefield a hammer that seems to be the Mjolnir (which was lost after Thor’s defeat against the two Worthy), a successful roll against the doom pool (plus a D12 for the Hammer) will allow the player to spend 5xp to unlock Mjolnir (Page CW53 to read about not being able to wield it proficiently).

Thor will speak one last time with his father, and for this reason he will arrive a bit later. Odin won’t change his mind of waiting for Earth to be on the verge first to try and attack the Serpent with 2 5d8 Army of Asgardians. When Thor will join the fight, the heroes would be already battling the Serpent.


Screen Shot 2015-03-09 at 10.09.22 AMThe fear now has a face, the Serpent shows his true form and power in front of a terrified world.

The scene will take place almost in conjunction to the Prophecy Fulfilled one below but starts just a bit earlier.

The Serpent itself will walk into battle, being as though now the heroes have weapons which can create problems. He is stronger than those and will show his superiority by creating a SERPENT FORM D12 asset with his Shapeshifting power. It will be crystal clear to everyone on the battlefield that he could alone tip the scales in his favor if ignored. Around the battlefield, some Asgardians and few of the other Avengers are focusing at keeping the Worthy in check, whilst the other are trying to save the patriots and fighting the serpent’s mobs back.

With the support of the Odinforce Weapons, the heroes will challenge him but are easily beaten or thrown towards the middle of the battlefield where they will be forced to fight the Worthy again while the Serpent destroys the portal to Asgard before Odin could move to war. This was his initial intention, but being as though the Midgardians have proven to be a tougher cookie than what expected, he decides to gain some extra time for his army to regroup. Thor could join the fight in this moment, protecting the Tree of Life and aiming straight towards the Serpent and his destiny.


Spend a doom die to keep the RAGNAROK TEMPEST active, or spend one action to create it on the first round of the Serpent if it hadn’t been done before.

The Serpent has already gained an Asset (during the transition scene) so with the first round can attack the team, trying to knock unconscious some heroes or to eat them them (complication).

As soon as the doom pool grows by three dice, the serpent will use an doom die to split the heroes and re-arrange them in different fights against one different Worthy each, and will move onto the Tree of Life to disrupt the link between Midgard and Asgard.

If needed, you can spend a D10 from the doom pool to add Skadi or one of the Worthy, all with D8 stress, to the fight.


Will be either his and the Nine Realms’ demise or his and the Serpent?


Set a time complication on the first round of fight named PROPHECY D6. This complication affects both character in the same way, also could be targeted by both to stop the progression for one round. When the PROPHECY complication is stepped past D12, they both die and Odin will join the fight.

Upon his arrival, Odin opens the Bifrost and clears the RAGNAROK TEMPEST, if still there, whilst through the Tree of Life portal an army of Asgardians makes his way onto the battlefield, pushing back the Serpent’s army and signing the end of the battle for Earth.

The Serpent seems unbeatable, even with the aid of Odin’s army and his Odinforce. The prophecy must be fulfilled.

The scene takes place at the same time with the Fear Itself one.

Whilst the Odinforce empowered heroes are busy battling the Worthy and the rest of the Avengers and Asgardians are fighting the robots and the Corrupted Asgardians, the Serpent, at his fullest, reaches the Tree of Life, with the intention of disrupting the link between Asgard and Midgard.

In the moment when Cul is getting ready to swing his blow, Thor springs out of the portal and starts a fight with him in order to save Midgard and kill the Serpent once and for all. He knows know that fulfilling the prophecy will mean his death but also knows it will save the Nine Realms.


Many have fallen, but Midgard and Asgard are finally free of the Evil of the Serpent. Their actions will echo through all the Nine Realms.

At the end of the battle, both Earth and Asgard look at the battlefield to see what they have lost. Cities like Washington, Manhattan and Broxton are endangered and mostly destroyed. Many more across the globe have been stage of fights for the control of the Hammers. Many civilians, military and even heroes have died. The ultimate sacrifice has been paid by Thor as well, Son of Odin and Gaea, the Elder God that used to oversee Earth. Both world cry for his departure and most are speechless in front of all the desolation.

Asgardians and Midgardians are preparing together a funeral for the Son of Odin, hero of both Asgard and Midgard, who gave his life to take the one of the Evil All-Father, fulfilling the prophecy. With him, the fallen heroes are remembered a buried subsequently after the Asgardian purification rite which will see the Odison’s body burn in flames on a pyre.

Everyone has a final chance to speak to the others, have a few moments to mourn the dead and celebrate the livings. Odin, who has been watching over Thor’s body since his departure in Asgard, decides to cast all the Asgardians out of his realm and to seal it, feeling like he is not able to reign over Asgard having caused the death of his Son for being so blinded by fear. On the other side the Avengers assure the Asgardians they will make sure they will fit better this time, thankful for having fought alongside them.

They then move on to their fallen heroes’ state funeral (one per city heavily involved, with the Worthy cities first and finally Manhattan, Washington and Broxton). The heroes who departed will be celebrated in the place of their departure and someone will be asked to say a few words for each funeral.

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