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Back In Black


Following the events of Civil War, members of the resistance have it rough.  They either wound up imprisoned, reluctantly registering, or on the run from the law.  No one better exemplifies that third category like Spider-Man.

Having switched sides after revealing his identity to the world, Peter has nowhere to run, and apparently no place to hide.  One of his old enemies has tracked him down, and he so desires to deal Peter his death blow that he doesn’t care about collateral damage.

Plot Points presents Back In Black, the dark saga in Spider-Man’s history where he fights his own blackening heart against forces bent on destroying what little remains of his life starting with those he loves.  Styled after the comics that inspired it, this Event breaks down not into Acts but into threads woven around a central event:  the attempted murder of Peter and his family.  Although the original story focused solely on Spider-Man, the Event has been written in such a manner as to allow other heroes to share the limelight, dark though it is.  We have provided several suggested player Datafiles including members of the New Avengers of that time, though any hero that either considers themselves an ally of Spider-Man or suffered due to the Civil War’s outcome would be appropriate for this Event.

We hope that you enjoy Back In Black and that you will continue to game in the Heroic manner for years to come.


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2 comments on “Back In Black

  1. Jared Rascher
    April 30, 2013

    Haven’t done an in depth look yet, but this looks pretty slick. Thanks for the quality work.

  2. Michael Wight
    May 1, 2013

    Neato. I’m going to have to give this a thorough read-through later.

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