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Maximum Carnage: Event Milestones

Logo2Take a look at the Event Milestones I worked up for Maximum Carnage. I wanted to capture the struggle that the protagonists experienced throughout the event: What are they willing to do to stop Carnage?

I think these will be especially effective if you have two player characters that take the opposing Milestones. Throughout the original story, this is a back and forth between Spidey and Venom (and even some other characters like Black Cat). Hopefully these Milestones will bring that same debate to this Event, even if no one is playing Spidey or Venom.

We are working on getting the new Milestones for existing official datafiles ready to post.  I’m planning on posting those in the next day or so.



2 comments on “Maximum Carnage: Event Milestones

  1. jhmcmullen
    February 20, 2013

    Actually, I would consider combining the milestones into one set of milestones. Then the player doesn’t have to commit his character to the vigilante/hero choice when choosing the Milestone, and you still get the chance to play off someone else who appears to be in the other camp.

    It becomes something like:

    1 XP: when you call out an ally, either for crossing the line or choosing not to do what must be done.

    3 XP when you abandon a bystander to pursue a member of Carnage’s family or let a member of Carnage’s family go so that you can help a civilian or bystander
    10 XP When you killl (or convince an ally to kill) a member of Carnage’s family or refuse to do it (or prevent an ally from doing it).

    This way, the players can commit to the Milestone and have a scene taht changes the character’s mind about whether to kill or not.

    • Andrew Gatlin
      February 20, 2013

      That’s not a bad way to handle it at all.

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