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NOTE:  This is the last installment of Liberty And Justice For All.  We hope you enjoyed it.

With the passing of the MRA, a full-scale Civil War is averted.  Heroes will still have to decide whether or not they will register, and a few may still choose to skirt the law, but they will not be hunted down as super-villains as a result.  Rather, they will be treated as normal people do when they break minor laws; they’ll receive fines, get jail time of limited duration, or heavy penalties if they commit more egregious crimes.  This will make it much less likely that any kind of organized resistance will form.


Although the implementation of the Thunderbolts as a team specifically tailored for quelling superhuman rebellion is undermined by the MRA, you can still use the Thunderbolts in this Event.  If the MRA passes, then in Act Three the Thunderbolts are rolled out as the official super-agency for the Department of Homeland Security.  Supported by a staff of agents and handlers, the Thunderbolts have as their mission the protection of the homeland from superhuman terrorists both foreign and domestic.  It touts a rehabilitation program for super-villains using the D10 Nanotech Implants to “encourage moral behavior until it becomes natural to them.”  A team of Thunderbolts always includes one free-willed hero for every two nanotech-infused “heroes.”

The following scenes from the Civil War Event Book will either need modification or not take place at all (such scenes are struck through):


  • Action:  The Rally:  With the MRA now replacing the SHRA, many people feel that they’ve been gipped of true justice.  They are here to protest the MRA as too weak to protect the people.  Counter-protesters from both the pro-MRA side and those opposed to both the MRA and the SHRA also take place here.
  • Action:  Meeting With The CSA:  Gyrich hates the MRA and has it in for those heroes who got it passed and caused the death of the SHRA.  He has called together like-minded heroes to find ways to bend the MRA so that it will operate in practice more like the SHRA.  Heroes who help Gyrich on the enforcement end of things will find more of their efforts opposed by the courts, causing their conviction rates to plummet compared to those heroes who stick to the intent of the MRA.
  • Action:  Confronted By S.H.I.E.L.D.
  • Transition:  Meet And Discuss Before Registration:  Since the SHRA did not pass, this scene is more about discovering which heroes will get legal double-identities, which will go public, and which will go rogue.


If you prefer not to use Bushwacker for the villain in this scene, you have a few alternatives.

  • Hulk Robot:  Since S.H.I.E.L.D. desperately wants the SHRA to pass, Maria Hill might send the Hulk Robot to prove her point that metahumans are too dangerous to go unchecked.

  • The Green Goblin:  For the same reasons as above, Maria Hill might send Norman Osborn to attack the heroes.


  • Action:  Midnight Registration Day Roundup
  • Transition: Find One of Nick Fury’s Safehouses:  Although Nick Fury is still underground, he’s willing to accept the MRA’s provisions.  However, he knows that Hydra or A.I.M. have infiltrated S.H.I.E.L.D., and suspects that Nitro’s powers were somehow modified.  He wants a team of heroes not affiliated with the law to help him solve theses mysteries, and will recruit the “rebel” heroes to do it.  He may even get one of the rebels to register and infiltrate S.H.I.E.L.D. in order to gather intel.
  • Transition: Wakandan Wedding Tensions:  Things are nowhere near as tense, since the “rebel” heroes are not facing indefinite incarceration in the Neutral Zone prison.
  • Action: Confront the Authorities About Hero Prejudices
  • Action:  Battle at Geffen-Meyer Petrochemical Plant


  • Action:  The Goblin Attacks*
  • Action:  The New Thunderbolts (See The MRA and the Thunderbolts, above)
  • Action:  The Media and the SHRA (now the MRA):  The reporter now hounds the heroes about their “watered-down version of the SHRA.”  He presses them to prove that the world is safer with the MRA than with the SHRA.
  • Action: The Atlantean Envoy*
  • Transition: Baxter Building Infiltration
  • Action:  Atlantis Prepares For War*
  • Transition: Talking to S.H.I.E.L.D. About The Goblin*
  • Action:  Negative Zone Prisoner Bust
  • Action:  Breaking Into The Negative Zone

*In this variation, Iron Man does not use the Goblin to his own ends.  Instead, either Hydra or A.I.M. has infiltrated S.H.I.E.L.D. and taken control over the Goblin in order to spark a war between the United States and Atlantis.  They want the United States and S.H.I.E.L.D. so engulfed by this war that they can rebuild their networks and recruit new allies and soldiers with which to conquer the world.  If they succeed, then they are far more powerful in the FINAL BATTLE WITH A.I.M. OR HYDRA ACTION SCENE.  They may even be able to take over all of the Thunderbolts who possess the Nanotech Implants, giving them a huge edge.  The heroes might recruit the remaining Thunderbolts in combatting these controlled villains.


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  1. Craig Payne
    January 21, 2013

    Just wanted to say that this has been a great series, and whilst it is unlikely any of the specifics is likely to see use at our table (unless I get another gaming group amenable to the idea of playing in the Marvel universe), I have found it a very interesting read.

  2. William Patrick Butler
    January 21, 2013

    this was a great series. thanks for all the hard work and for post it 🙂

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