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Liberty and Justice For All: A Civil War What If? Scenario

My first introduction to the Civil War storyline was through the Civil War Event Sourcebook.  I hadn’t been reading comics for years, having quit them after the Clone Saga, at the moment when Peter Parker struck his wife.  I still liked superheroes, and Marvel heroes in particular, but some wounds take time.  Margret Weis Productions’ release of the Marvel Heroic RPG seemed a good place to jump back into the continuity, so after reading the CWES, I looked more closely at the comics themselves.

It seemed to me that the whole Civil War could have been avoided.  Why did no one propose alternate legislation?  Couldn’t someone in the Marvel Universe design a law that applied to all citizens (since any person in the Marvel Universe could, potentially, become a metahuman through any number of means) and that did not effectively enslave metahumans to the government or call non-slave metahumans traitors?  Did metahumans not also have civil liberties?  I decided to try my hand at coming up with such a law.  That soon spun into a What-If scenario for Civil War:  What If Daredevil and She-Hulk Had Fought For Metahuman Rights Using The Law.  That title bored me to tears, so I changed it to Liberty And Justice For All: A What-If Scenario.

Plot Points will release different aspects of PCW as posts over the next little while.  This is my first project with Plot Points and I hope you have as much fun playing it as I did writing it.  Thanks to the entire Plot Points team for making me feel welcome.

-Jayson Jolin

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I am an author, RPG gamer, husband, and father.

2 comments on “Liberty and Justice For All: A Civil War What If? Scenario

  1. Evan
    January 4, 2013

    I love the idea of this “What if . . .?” I can’t wait to see what you do with it. I am sure you have considered it already, but there is a great blog that discusses real legal issues in superhero stories,, which can be a terrific resource for building verisimilitude into your superheroic stories.

    I await your work with much anticipation!

    Thank you.

  2. Jared Rascher
    January 4, 2013

    Reading Reed’s testimony to Congress about the early version of this bill during Walt Simonson’s run is also interesting for putting the story in context, as well as puzzling when it comes to Reed’s position in Civil War.

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