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Pet Avengers Unlockables

Here are the unlockables associated with our Pet Avengers Mini-Event. While the Event itself may not be all that big, these can be useful if you’re playing this as a side story in the broader Civil War Event. Using the Troupe Play option, any xp from previous sessions can carry over to this event, and after this is finished any xp can be carried over  to whatever you do next.

[5/10] Out for a Walk

For 5 XP you may choose to either unlock a non-animal hero as a player hero, or use him or her as a resource. For 10 XP, you gain the previous benefits and the chosen shows up personally to aid you in a single Action Scene.

[5/10] Man’s Best Friend

Any player who spends 10 XP during the Event can unlock their Pet Avenger outside of the Mini-Event. He helps the hero once, and then flies off. A player can spend 5
XP to unlock the Pet Avenger as a resource for later in the Civil War. At any time, the hero can cash in this resource and have the Pet Avenger show up to help the team.

[5/10] Obedience Training

For 5 XP, a hero can  make one villain available to play as a hero. The player who unlocks this gets the choice of who to redeem. For 10 XP, the villain is available as a hero, plus the hero who spent the XP can bring that former villain along as a supporting Watcher character for in a future Scene; he’ll engage in one big battle before departing on good terms.

One comment on “Pet Avengers Unlockables

  1. Shane Bradley
    July 23, 2012

    Like the unlockables coworker and I have been talking (he’s the watcher) that unlockables are the way to go for spending XP especially for 2 powerset datafiles mainly datafile pools or 1 off specials like airstrike or ironman strafing run in Fridays game new players were looking at milestones which was awesome (new to mhrp)not gaming/me for actions a late start activated limits though lol

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