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Pet Avengers Action Scene: Moon of the Apes

While in Lockjaw’s doghouse, the heroes hear a strange sound. It is the sound of a great many apes approaching. Long ago, the Red Ghost tried invading the Moon to claim it for Russia. Though he failed, his personal team of apes, the Super-Apes, has returned to claim Attilan for themselves along with a small army of trained apes. The Pet Avengers are the only ones who have noticed, and this is a great opportunity for the new team to test itself. The main Apes, Peotor, Igor, and Miklho lead from the front where they occasionally blurt out commands to the horde. The Ape Horde doesn’t want to hurt anyone, opting to use Gorilla Grip to restrain opponents by applying complications.

The main goal of the apes is to frighten and intimidate the Pet Avengers. They won’t resort to real violence until one of the leaders is stressed out or the Ape Horde has lost 2d6. Before this point, the Horde will not use Absolutely Apestuff.

Scene Distinctions for the Moon are: Dark and Thin Air.


-Feel free to add more than one Ape Horde if this seems like it’s going too easy for the heroes.

-If you end the scene by spending 2d12, you can always have the Red Ghost show up and tell the apes that he has another mission for them, teleporting them away.


4 comments on “Pet Avengers Action Scene: Moon of the Apes

  1. Shawn Schmitting
    June 19, 2012

    I have the sudden urge to watch Planet of the Apes right now.

  2. Shane Bradley
    June 19, 2012

    Indeed or maybe anywhich way you can lol

    • icuseamus
      June 19, 2012

      I so wanted to write a “Right turn, Clyde!” bit for Peotor. Maybe if someone makes him a hero, you can write that as a milestone.

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