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Pet Avengers Event Buildup

On to the first Scene from our Pet Avengers event. This scene assumes that players have chosen both Tippy Toe and Lockheed. If they haven’t, this can just be narrated with the assumption that Lockheed and Tippy Toe have opted to stay out of the Civil War. Perhaps Lockheed felt he could do his best work protecting Kitty Pride, and Tippy thought she needed to monitor the Great Lakes Initiative more closely. Ultimately, it’s your decision as Watcher how to manage these possible absences, but the lead-in can be the same either way.

The Prologue

The Great Lakes Avengers immediately register when the Registration Act passes, changing the group name to the Great Lakes Initiative. Tippy Toe is the only member of the group that objects, but doesn’t voice her objections (even though only Squirrel Girl understands squirrel-talk). Without telling Squirrel Girl, Tippy Toe appoints a stand in to follow team while she tries to get help from the X-Men.

Xavier’s Institute is on lockdown. No one can get in or out. Nobody, however, will notice an average looking squirrel crossing the perimeter. Kitty Pride and Lockheed are already in the mansion. Tippy finds Lockheed and begins squawking. Lockheed knows where the Mind Gem is and even though he can understand Tippy Toe, he figures the only way to communicate with this squirrel is telepathically. They go to the sub-basement where the Mind Gem is being kept near Cerebro. Nobody knows this, but before Xavier’s disappearance, he had planned on harnessing the power of the Mind Gem to extend the abilities of Cerebro. When Lockheed opens communication to Tippy, Tippy tells Lockheed what’s going on. During this, they are given flashes events around the world and beyond. They see large groups of aliens preparing to invade Earth. Worse still, there is another invasion force that has already secured a foothold on Earth just waiting for the opportunity to strike. If the world’s heroes do not stop fighting
amongst themselves, Earth will be helpless against future threats.

After seeing all this, the only thing either of them can remember is a thought playing over and over in their minds: “Find Lockjaw. He’ll know what to do.” Lockheed reaches out with his mind to find Lockjaw, and Lockjaw teleports them and the rest of the Pet Avengers (minus Hairball but with a few new recruits) to his doghouse in Attilan. Tippy and the other new recruits are telepathically linked to the Pet Avengers.

After everyone settles in, it is probably a good time to have Ms. Lion receive the Uni-Power. He wouldn’t have the power up until this point, and a gathering of heroes at this desperate hour would be just the sort of crisis situation that brings out the fabled Enigma Force.

Now that the team is formed, it would be a good time to give everyone the opportunity to try and establish some resources or assets to be used in future Action Scenes. Initially, it might also be a good time to let a player or two work out their own Action Scene to get things started. Look at the Milestones chosen from among Personal, Team, and Event Milestones and see if a Scene organically presents itself. Play it through and present details that help guide the team toward the next section: Stark’s Warehouse.


3 comments on “Pet Avengers Event Buildup

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  2. Encho Vinícius Chagas
    June 14, 2012

    Ig Barros, the artist of the Pet Avengers comics, plays Marvel Heroic Roleplaying almost every week! ahahahh

    We are now playing a sequence of the Breakout Event, but it got a little different from the original New Avengers story. It’s being great playing Marvel!

    Great to see the Pet Avengers event being taken care of!

    • icuseamus
      June 14, 2012

      That’s one of the things I love about this game. You are given an Event to play, but there’s no real rails to tie you down. My group has taken a huge side-track from breakout and we’re all having a blast.

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