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Secret War Transition Scene: Throne Room Encounter and Fury’s Failsafe

Time Set: Past
Type: Transition

This Scene requires 2 Plot Points to unlock.

This is the final Scene of the Past arc. It occurs chronologically after the Assault on Castle Doom Action Scene.

After fighting their way through Castle Doom, the team finds themselves in the Throne Room where Prime Minister Lucia Von Bardas is cornered. Finally, the full scope of Nick Fury’s plan will be revealed.

Achieving resolution in this scene should require Fury to lay all his cards on the table. If he is a Watcher character it should be easy to get all the information out. If Fury is a PC, have Lucia mock and goad Fury and his team until his hand is forced and he has to unveil the whole plan.

This likely will not turn into a combat scenario. However, if the players decide to turn it into one there is a datafile for the normal version of Lucia. It will be a short combat, because at this point she is out of guards and she doesn’t have any powers. Encourage the players as much as possible to resolve this scene through role-playing.

The team should realize that there is no way they can just arrest Lucia, and that it is Fury’s intention to kill her. Not only is he planning to kill her, he wants it done in such a way that it sends a message to anyone else who might think of executing a similar plan. He needs “speak a language these people understand”.

If you are following the comics, Fury should order Daisy Johnson to use her powers to bring down Castle Doom. There are other ways this can be accomplished if Daisy is not on the team, or the player refuses to follow the order.

  • Fury could detonate pre-planted explosives.
  • Fury could shoot Lucia, then set up some sort of briefcase bomb.
  • Have some hero that is powerful enough to take down a castle de-cloak. Fury reveals that they have been shadowing the team the whole time.

The bottom line is, at some point in this scene, Castle Doom needs to be destroyed.


All the characters survive the castle’s destruction, thanks to the Kree-Tech Armor that Fury provided. Depending on who is on his team, some or all of the characters might be outraged by what Fury did. Give the players a chance to resolve this situation. If it comes to the point where some of the characters are about to attack Fury, he should activate the Failsafe built into the armor. Even if the scene doesn’t escalate to that point, Fury still doesn’t want the team to have to remember and deal with what happened. So, the scene should still end with him activating the Failsafe. This is supposed to be a “Secret War” after all.

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