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Hero Datafile: Moon Knight

Marc Spector one of the most complex, yet underrated characters of the Marvel pantheon. He has been a mercenary, taxi driver, millionaire, film-maker, as well as a vengeful masked vigilante; a portfolio which surpasses even  the well-rounded Rick Jones.

In recent comics, Steve Rogers recruited him to join his black ops team of Secret Avengers because he is considered the greatest detective in the 616 universe. Spector suffered a multi personality disorder, which eventually caused him to manifest the personalities of fellow avengers Spider-Man, Captain America and Wolverine.

With no further ado, Plot Points presents the Moon Knight!



8 comments on “Hero Datafile: Moon Knight

  1. Shawn Schmitting
    May 8, 2012

    Always been a Moon Knight fan! Just curious ever thought of rolling up his distinctions like Typhoid Mary? Especially with the split personalities. He would be an interesting character to play if mid combat or transition one of his other personalities would takes over.

  2. Matthew AC
    May 8, 2012

    Love ‘Rather Take a Punch’

  3. Shane Bradley
    May 8, 2012

    He was stated up somewhere else one of his distinctions was c list avenger and also had a milestone involving that the other one had something to do with the voices in his head keep upthe great work guys

  4. Evan Franke
    May 8, 2012

    Nicely done. This definitely fits in with the Beast’s somewhat uncharitable statements in Secret Avengers 16:

    “Commander Rogers is a Super-Soldier who can master any weapon in seconds. You are a borderline psychotic who wears a white bag over his head in public. I imagine everyone thought it’d be best to make things easy for you.”

    I like the build also because it can be played for his lower key crazy that was shown in Secret Avengers and before, or can be used for his far more gonzo crazy as written by Bendis in the 12 issue series that just ended. Good balance (hah!) on the character.

  5. Nick Donovan
    May 8, 2012

    I have a player who’s been asking to play as Moon Knight since I told him about Heroic. Unfortunately, having never actually read any Moon Knight stuff, I’ve been hesitant about stating him. Now, I’m sure he’ll be elated! You guys rock. (PS: I LOVE the Rather Take The Punch SFX.)

  6. felipenerdcore
    May 8, 2012

    Thanks for the awsome feedback guys!

    I’m also looking forward to playing this crazy dude on thursday!

  7. eduardoregis
    May 8, 2012

    Great work u´r doing here guys!

    Felipe, parabéns pela iniciativa!

    Vou começar uma mesa em breve e tô tendo várias idéias aqui com a ajuda de vocês!


    • felipenerdcore
      May 8, 2012

      Opa não é que apareceu um Brasileiro por aqui…..

      Que bom que o material está sendo de ajuda, nós aqui do blog realmente acreditamos que o MHR é um dos melhores RPG’s que tem por ai, e queremos trazer algo a mais para jogadores e Vigiais.

      Se precisar de alguma coisa é só falar!!

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