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Transition Roleplay: Captain America and Mr. Fantastic

Seamus Corbett, one of the players in the last couple games I ran, decided to write up a scene that took place between his character, Captain America, and Adam’s character, Mr. Fantastic. This scene took place directly after the T-Rex attack, in between sessions. We hope you enjoy.


Captain America – Mister Fantastic: Transition

[Captain America is massaging his left forearm.]

Mister Fantastic

Hey, Cap. Mind if I take a look at that arm?

Captain America

Sure. I still can’t believe that thing managed to knock my shield back at me.

Mister Fantastic

I’m surprised you got your shield arm up in time.

Captain America

[Chuckles.] Old habits. You alright, Reed? You look… Distracted.

Mister Fantastic

[Working on Captain America’s arm.] Sorry. I just can’t help thinking. That could have gone better.

Captain America

Come on, Reed. Even you can’t figure out how a dinosaur will act.

Mister Fantastic

It’s not just that. Johnny flew off. We all got knocked around pretty hard. I can’t for the life of me figure out what happened with Wolverine.

Captain America

His ego’s the only thing that stays hurt for long. Sometimes, I don’t think anybody can figure him out. He probably likes it that way.

Mister Fantastic

You were always so much better at this than me.

Captain America

No I wasn’t.

Mister Fantastic

You know what I mean. You took charge and everyone fell in line. We couldn’t even hit that T-Rex until you proved we could.

Captain America

If there’s one thing I’ve learned over all my years in this uniform, it’s that a smart soldier will never follow an order he doesn’t agree with. Men don’t need instructions. They need a symbol. Look at Johnny. Why did he leave? Because he craves the spotlight. In a group like this, everyone’s the most important. Johnny doesn’t see that.

Mister Fantastic

How can I work with an attitude like that? That’s the way Johnny’s always been.

Captain America

Give him what he wants. Thank him for showing up when he did. The attention is important to him.

Mister Fantastic

That works?

Captain America

Look at what I did with Wolverine. For all he cares, I’m still that USO show he saw during The Big Deuce, but when I give him the OK to do something violent, he dives right in. You’re a leader, Reed. You know what to do.

Mister Fantastic

I can make decisions, Steve, but what would make anyone follow them?

Captain America

Symbols, Reed. Like my shield. More men than I can count have followed me into certain death and come out of it alive behind me and that shield. Was it just me? I can’t be everywhere in a battle. It’s the shield. Shields are protection and mine represents freedom. When I carry my shield, men feel like they’re protected by the shield of freedom. No matter the outcome, they feel like they’re on the right side doing the right thing. Symbols, Reed. Remember what I told you when you wanted to take that shot against the dinosaur?

Mister Fantastic

“I trust you, soldier.”

Captain America

Right. You knew the right decision before you asked. You just needed someone to stand with you when you acted. That’s why Sue and Ben are so good for your team.

Mister Fantastic

Alright, Steve. [Finishes bandaging Captain America’s arm.] There. How’s the arm feel?

Captain America

[Standing.] Ready to carry my shield. Just like you should be to carry yours. [Walks away.]

Mister Fantastic

Yeah. [Quietly.] I… don’t know. Sue… I really need you here…

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Mark is a military veteran, game designer, a believer in the oxford comma, and an all-around nerd.

3 comments on “Transition Roleplay: Captain America and Mr. Fantastic

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  2. evounlimited
    March 27, 2012

    Love it guys. I haven’t gotten this game yet but I’m looking forward to getting copy and making my foray back into roleplaying after a very long time

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