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Item Power Sets: House Party Protocol (MCU)

The House Party Protocol was one of the coolest moments of Iron Man 3. I decided to stat up a few of the suits, and give Tony Stark the ability to switch between the suits at-will.

The Igor Suit is designed for heavy lifting and is incredibly durable. It likely served as an early prototype for Tony for the Hulkbuster armor.

mk 38-1

The Heartbreaker armor is built for maximum firepower with the repulsors, with a particularly large Unibeam. It’s a real 17-1

The Romeo suit is very nimble, and has a few enhancements to the repulsors to make it more useful.

mk 32-1

The Starboost suit is outfitted for space flight, capable of reaching the highest speed of any iron man armor, and is pressurized to survive outer space. I bet Tony wishes he had this suit after Infinity 39-1

The Bones suit is capable of breaking up into smaller pieces and flying around 41-1

The Jack suit is specially designed for radioactive 28-1

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  1. Jabari Freema
    March 13, 2019

    Keep up the great write ups, looking foreword to Civil War

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