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Item Power Set: Infinity Gauntlet (MCU)

Before we see the Mad Titan himself, we’re bringing you the Gauntlet to explain a bit of its mechanics.

The Gauntlet is essentially useless without any stones. In fact, if you handle any of the Infinity Stones we’ve previously shown the Item Power Sets for without their protective housing, you must roll against the doom pool (doubled). If you fail, take D12 Stress. While in the Gauntlet, that’s a different story.

The Gauntlet grants the wearer incredible power. If the wielder has acquired a stone, they may use both the power as well as the SFX associated with it. This datafile here is the one that would be used by players were they to get hold of it. The Watcher version of the Gauntlet will be found in Thanos’ datafile.



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One comment on “Item Power Set: Infinity Gauntlet (MCU)

  1. jpjolin
    August 8, 2019

    A few thoughts on the gauntlet.

    Given that both the act of donning the gauntlet and performing the Snap have been shown to be physically-scarring, I’d have included the former in the Power Set as a Limit; maybe take an action against the Gauntlet, if you fail your roll you take the Gauntlet’s effect die as physical stress.

    Also, since the gauntlet always takes damage after a Snap, when you gain the gauntlet (presumably by spending XP), the amount of XP you spend should probably determine how many times you can use the Snap before the gauntlet is destroyed, leaving you with just the stones. Either that, or maybe put in the Gear Limit that you can only use the gauntlet’s Snap SFX a specified number of times before you get 2PP for the Limit and the gauntlet is destroyed.

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