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Action Scene: Loki And The Black Widow On The Helicarrier


“Regimes fall every day. I tend not to weep over that, I’m Russian, or I was.”
“And what are you now?”
“It’s really not that complicated. I’ve got red in my ledger, I’d like to wipe it out.”
“Can you? Can you wipe out that much red? Drakoff’s daughter? Sao Paulo? The hospital file? Barton told me everything.”

-Loki and The Black Widow

The Setup

Today’s scene represents a rarity. It is a non-physical conflict. In the movie, Black Widow visits Loki to try and figure out his plan. It is Fury’s last resort, and Loki knows it. What he doesn’t know is that The Black Widow is ready for him.

The Scene

This Scene can be as simple or involved as necessary. Loki is ISOLATED in the holding cell that was intended to be used in case SHIELD had to lock down Banner. Regardless of the opposition, he will think LOKI HAS THE UPPER HAND. The goal for the Heroes will be to get him to admit his plan for getting out. His goal will be to cause mental or emotional trauma through the use of insults and abuse.


Options For This Scene

  • In the movie, the scene is between Loki and the Black Widow. Don’t feel constrained by this. If any Hero feels like they’re ready to take on the God of Mischief, they’re welcome to jump in. Make sure they’re ready, though. Characters with Telepathy or Specialties like Menace or Psych are really the best candidates to face off in an interrogation with Loki. Still, anyone can try to match wits with him, although any should be welcome to try.
  • It is well known that Loki’s endgame on the Helicarrier is to unleash the Hulk, bringing down the entire Avengers team with it. That goal can change, and if it does, that can really depend on who is present. Revealing his weak spot can be handled with a simple cutscene dialogue. Here is an option:
    • Captain America: There is a cache of HYDRA weapons stashed on the Helicarrier that Captain Rogers may or may not know about. It’s a hell of a way to find out, either way, and the idea that Loki might want to take those weapons for his own use can be a devastating revelation.
      • Cap: “What do you think you’ll do? You’re here, completely unarmed.”
      • Loki: “Oh, I don’t need weapons. You brought all I’d ever need.”
  • Feel free to reinterpret the scene with any Avenger along for the ride.
    • Iron Man: The entire Helicarrier is Stark tech, which Loki could have found out about from his mole (Hawkeye in the movie).
    • Nick Fury: Fury has many dark secrets, some of which are roaming around on the Helicarrier.
    • Thor: Perhaps the Chitauri would be interested in turning Mjolnir to their cause.
    • Banner: Well, Banner IS the Hulk, so…
  • If the Heroes seem to be having too easy a time, it’s worth mentioning that Loki’s staff, with the Mind Stone embedded in it is on the Helicarrier. Despite him playing possum, Loki may still have control of the Stone even though it’s not in his immediate possession. Use it. Oh, you don’t have stats for it? Watch us. Plot Points will take care of you.



One comment on “Action Scene: Loki And The Black Widow On The Helicarrier

  1. heathwilder
    March 6, 2019

    This is wonderful and a great comment and example of adding non combat scenes to the game ie: about 50% of the action

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