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#12 – In the Crosshairs

012 CoverK’os led Dr. Sound and Stronghold to Vietnam to investigate the person or organization that hired the Bengal to steal PsiFi International tech. Once in Vietnam, the three male members of ΩFORCE were assaulted by Psionex, a group of altered humans who had been hired to kill the heroes. Stronghold accidentally created a fire that decimated the Ta Beng Mining Facility, costing the lives of a few workers and leaving Dr. Sound comatose. Psionex escaped with the exception of Mathemaniac, who is left on the edge of death. Will ΩFORCE be able to use this one last thread to determine who has insider information on PsiFi International?

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About Michael Dismuke

I am a freelance writer for Star Trek Adventures RPG and creator of Gamemasters Comics []. I currently am a writer for Continuing Missions, and if the universe goes right, the Fantastic Four movie reboot. (Last part's a joke, though, I wish it wasn't.)

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